By Hand & Brain: Essays on Making & Culture

Through Rus­sell Davies I found By Hand & Brain, a series of essays by the great and good (not always the same peo­ple) of future think­ing and mak­ing, vague­ly on the sub­ject of “how does it feel to be liv­ing and mak­ing things now”? They’re all worth read­ing in their entire­ty, but here’s a list with a per­son­al high­light of […]

The BBC and the C of E

Peter Oborne’s very good and robust, albeit slight­ly mean­der­ing, defence of the BBC has a quite love­ly quote on the organisation’s impor­tance from Lord Rei­th, its founder: It does not mat­ter how many thou­sands there may be lis­ten­ing. There is always enough for oth­ers. It is the rever­sal of the nat­ur­al law, that the more one […]

The limits of batteries, and how they will improve

I was recent­ly asked a ques­tion about bat­tery life in mod­ern devices, and coin­ci­den­tal­ly I’ve been read­ing a few arti­cles about inter­est­ing devel­op­ments in bat­tery tech­nol­o­gy. So here’s a post giv­ing a very super­fi­cial intro­duc­tion to bat­ter­ies in mod­ern con­sumer elec­tron­ics. Tech­nol­o­gy is being held back because we can’t make bet­ter bat­ter­ies. Ten years ago a mobile phone hand­set might […]

Time to put nostalgia in the past

I don’t believe it’s con­tentious to say that we live in a cul­ture that loves to look back. In fash­ion, the ’80s revival – the sec­ond (at least) in liv­ing mem­o­ry – has been quick­ly fol­lowed by a ’90s revival (dit­to). In cin­e­ma we have films based on 1960s super­hero comics and pop­u­lar child­hood games fran­chis­es […]