How to be a person among persons

This week I read Kevin Simler’s Per­son­hood: A Game for Two or More Play­ers, a soci­o­log­i­cal essay on what it means to be a per­son. It’s a real­ly inter­est­ing piece, of the type that makes me pause every few para­graphs in order to high­light a real­ly inter­est­ing point. For exam­ple, this expla­na­tion of the ben­e­fits of per­son­hood: Being a per­son enti­tles you […]

Data Privacy, Control, Transparency, and Regulation

I’ve writ­ten about pri­va­cy and per­son­al data a few times before, and my con­clu­sion gen­er­al­ly remains the same: our data has val­ue, and we should be able to ben­e­fit from the use of it, but we must be pro­vid­ed with con­trol and trans­paren­cy, backed up by strong reg­u­la­tion. Per­ti­nent to this, I was inter­est­ed to read The […]