Writing about thinking about thinking

So I’ve started another blog because I need a space to think. It’s like Russell Davies said: “writing more, for me, equals thinking more“.

I recently saw this talk by John Cleese which contains a great piece of advice on how to be creative: sit down for an hour and think about something. And I realised that I don’t think much; my time is always filled.

By the way, this is not one of those posts that bemoans information overload; the quantity of information I receive is pretty high, but that’s my choice, not an inevitable consequence of technology.

I don’t think a lot. When I have spare time at home, I work on a project; my other major block of free time, my commute, is filled with reading. I sometimes cycle, which is good for my health but not for creative thinking time. Occasionally, when I really need to think about something, I choose to take the bus instead of the train, as it takes longer and I find it easier to get relaxed for thinking (although this can quickly turn to sleepiness).

So I need more time to think, and writing more equals thinking more, so I sometimes tweet half-formed thoughts (in amongst the ‘jokes’). But while Twitter is good for many things, it’s less so for being able to revise or rephrase a thought. To use an allegory from Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow: Twitter is System 1, for instinctive and emotional thoughts; blogging is System 2, for more considered, logical thoughts.

I already have another blog, Broken Links, but that’s where I prefer to do technical writing, which is a quite separate discipline.

All of which is to say: this is my blog for thinking.