My Newsletters

I run two email newsletters. I’ve added some more details further down the page, but here’s a summary of the two:

The Tech Landscape is a weekly round-up of news and insight about the digital technology market; smart assistants, messaging, machine learning, extended reality… that type of thing. If you work in or around digital and want to keep up to date, this is for you.

The Thoughtful Net (currently on hiatus) is an occasional (more than monthly, less than weekly) curated selection of great writing about the internet and technology, culture, information, soci­ety, science, and philo­sophy. It’s suitable for anyone who wants the bigger picture of technology.

I’m acutely aware of the privilege of being invited into your inbox, so am very careful not to spam, or use your email address for anything other than the newsletter.

The Tech Landscape

The Tech Landscape newsletter used to be an internal tool for the company I was working for, but I took it public with issue #89. I’m exploring new homes for it in the future, but right now it’s by email only.

The Thoughtful Net

If The Thoughtful Net sounds like your cup of tea, there are two ways you can get it. The first is to sign up to the mailing list to get it in your email inbox.

If you’re still a bit cautious—and let’s face it, who could blame you?—every issue is also posted to a Medium publication, to which you can subscribe to have each new edition sent to you by email. Being on Medium also means you can read an example first; here’s one called Being Realistic, Pushing Buttons, and the Memory Jukebox.

Nice Words

Superb content. Best newsletter in my crammed inbox.

Javier Archeni

If you like reading things that make you think I highly recommend The Thoughtful Net.

Gareth Trufitt