Peter is the best per­son around at explain­ing the tech and the “why”.

Bruce Law­son

More con­fer­ences should fea­ture Peter’s talks. He is on fire right now. Think Maciej Cegłows­ki but in Europe.

Chris­t­ian Heil­mann

I can’t rec­om­mend Peter high­ly enough. Hands down, one of my favourite speak­ers of all times.

Cris­tiano Rastel­li

I’ve giv­en talks and work­shops at more than fifty con­fer­ences and grass­roots meet-ups in twelve coun­tries across Europe. My main top­ic is emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies and user behav­iour, but I’ve talked on diverse sub­jects includ­ing user expe­ri­ence, his­to­ry, behav­iour­al psy­chol­o­gy, metaphors and comics.

You can get a flavour of the types of talks I give from my Speak­erDeck port­fo­lio.

Your Real­i­ty Here: All Day Hey! 2018

Superb deliv­ery as always.

Jake Archibald

If you’re look­ing for speak­ers, I high­ly rec­om­mend!

Ruth John
Peo­ple Don’t Change: Front End Lon­don 2018

If you’d like me to come and give a talk at a group or con­fer­ence you attend or organ­ise, send me a direct mes­sage on Twit­ter.

Please first note my require­ments and pref­er­ences.

Sur­vey­ing the Land­scape: Fron­teers 2016

I always love Peter’s talks. You can see the amount of work and thought that has gone into them.

Mar­cus Noble

Fan­tas­tic, refresh­ing­ly dif­fer­ent talk. Con­tin­u­al­ly one of my favourite speak­ers over a wide range of sub­jects.

Calum Ryan
Grow­ing Up, Get­ting Seri­ous: State of the Brows­er 2017

Requirements & preferences

I don’t have a set speak­ing fee. If your con­fer­ence is free or not-for-prof­it, I’ll hap­pi­ly talk for free. If it’s for-prof­it, we can nego­ti­ate a fee. My only require­ment is that, if out­side of Lon­don, you pay for my trav­el and accom­mo­da­tion. I don’t require expens­es (beyond trav­el), a stipend, or gifts (although, of course, any of those would be wel­come).

If I’m speak­ing for free, I reserve the right to pro­mote any of my oth­er work; if paid, I will do so only with your explic­it per­mis­sion. I will always do my best to pro­mote the event in advance, and pro­vide my slides and fol­low-up mate­ri­als after­wards.

I pre­fer to present from my own lap­top, and like to edit my slides until the moment of the talk itself, so would ask not to have to sub­mit slides in advance except for gen­er­al review. I will agree the sub­ject with you well in advance of the event.