Peter is the best person around at explaining the tech and the “why”.

Bruce Lawson

More conferences should feature Peter’s talks. He is on fire right now. Think Maciej Cegłowski but in Europe.

Christian Heilmann

I can’t recommend Peter highly enough. Hands down, one of my favourite speakers of all times.

Cristiano Rastelli

I’ve given talks and workshops at more than fifty conferences and grassroots meet-ups in twelve countries across Europe. My main topic is emerging technologies and user behaviour, but I’ve talked on diverse subjects including user experience, history, behavioural psychology, metaphors and comics.

You can get a flavour of the types of talks I give from my SpeakerDeck portfolio.

Your Reality Here: All Day Hey! 2018

Superb delivery as always.

Jake Archibald

If you’re looking for speakers, I highly recommend!

Ruth John
People Don’t Change: Front End London 2018

If you’d like me to come and give a talk at a group or conference you attend or organise, send me a direct message on Twitter.

Please first note my requirements and preferences.

Surveying the Landscape: Fronteers 2016

I always love Peter’s talks. You can see the amount of work and thought that has gone into them.

Marcus Noble

Fantastic, refreshingly different talk. Continually one of my favourite speakers over a wide range of subjects.

Calum Ryan
Growing Up, Getting Serious: State of the Browser 2017

Requirements & preferences

I don’t have a set speaking fee. If your conference is free or not-for-profit, I’ll happily talk for free. If it’s for-profit, we can negotiate a fee. My only requirement is that, if outside of London, you pay for my travel and accommodation. I don’t require expenses (beyond travel), a stipend, or gifts (although, of course, any of those would be welcome).

If I’m speaking for free, I reserve the right to promote any of my other work; if paid, I will do so only with your explicit permission. I will always do my best to promote the event in advance, and provide my slides and follow-up materials afterwards.

I prefer to present from my own laptop, and like to edit my slides until the moment of the talk itself, so would ask not to have to submit slides in advance except for general review. I will agree the subject with you well in advance of the event.